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Our Values

Voices for Health’s work is guided and informed by its commitment to:

  • Empowerment of all staff and recipients of our services to realize their unique potential and acknowledge their self-worth.
  • Collaboration with other patient advocacy organizations and between our staff, funders and recipients of our services. We believe that the best ideas come from teamwork and intellectual partnership.
  • Inclusivity and fairness in our hiring practices, treatment of staff and interactions with all stakeholders. We respect people, value diversity and advocate for health care for all regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetics. We are committed to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all forms and at all organizational levels and throughout all programs. We value respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality and self-esteem.
  • Excellence and continuous improvement in our work. We strive to have a positive impact in the lives of people with stigmatized health conditions, both on an individual level by providing patient services and on a macro-level by advocating for policy change.
  • Integrity in the way we conduct business both internally and externally. We proudly uphold the values of honesty and sincerity, while remaining professional and ethical at all times.
  • Responsible Stewardship of all human, natural and financial resources. We wisely use the time and talents of those working with and for us and invest in professional development opportunities for staff. We are environmentally responsible. We are transparent in the use of our funds and are accountable to our donors.