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Our Mission

Voices for Health improves access to quality care for Massachusetts residents living with mental health conditions by removing barriers to treatment, working with families, and providing empowerment, education and advocacy initiatives so that individuals with mistreated or untreated conditions can find their own voices and live full, successful lives.

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About Voices for Health

Voices for Health is dedicated to improving access to quality care for people living with mental health conditions by providing individualized navigation, support and follow-up services along the continuum of care as patients make their way through the complex modern healthcare system. We simultaneously lobby to improve the system via legislative change.

Our focus is on conditions that fall under the umbrella of mental illness because they are often stigmatized, underfunded, incorrectly diagnosed or treated long after the initial onset of symptoms.

We seek to change the public perception of people living with mental health conditions through education, advocacy and media campaigns, recognizing that stigma affects the potential to influence public policy and patients’ desire to seek services.

We are committed to reaching individuals who have yet to receive treatment, acting as advocates on their behalf to find appropriate care.

We reach out to caregivers who are caring for family members with mental illness in their own homes because sometimes this is the only place where intensive out-patient treatment can occur.

Our founders are consummate entrepreneurial professionals in health policy, education, research, counseling, strategic planning and development with a successful track record of achieving positive outcomes that improve the health of underserved populations.

Operational Model

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